Tracey Cox Kegel Balls Set 6.5/10

The Tracey Cox Kegel Balls Set is a combo pack of a single KegelP1010447 ball and a double Kegel ball. They come in the most offensive shade of pink and are made with plastic and silicone. Each has its own plain white drawstring bag, which is good, it hides their garish colouring from my sight, only being revealed in that brief moment between leaving bag and entering vagina.

Before I got these last year I’d never tried anything that was marketed at improving Kegel muscles. I’m fairly sure that at 21 and with a child bearing count of zero, there not much ‘looseness’ to be gotten rid of. However stronger muscles mean stronger orgasms! And when I originally received these my orgasms were nigh on non-existent, so any help was going to be appreciated.

Most importantly though, these kegel ‘exercisers’ have free moving weighted balls inside of them that roll about. Yes that’s right they jiggle, knock and swirl inside their case, inside you. Was exercise finally going to be fun? I seriously couldn’t wait to find out.

P1010448I started with the (single) smaller of the two, It’s unintimidating, slightly weighted and you can feel the moving ball inside. The
main case is made of plastic and this is covered in a silky soft silicone ‘jacket’ with ‘stylish’ round cut-out to expose the main plastic ball. There is a fairly long retrieval cord that is also made of silicone. The whole thing looks like an alien mated with the Easter bunny and laid this egg as an aftermath of their strange lovemaking.

I used a water-based lubricant and found the ball went in with only minor resistance. This was without a warm up – I know tut-tut who works out their muscles without limbering up and doing some stretches first!?

This is not something that is going to drop out on anyone, so I really would lay that worry to rest. As soon as it was ‘up there’ so to speak (it did take a bit of prodding to get it in a comfortable position) I could tell it absolutely wasn’t going to ‘fall’, in fact it stayed exactly in place with no conscious effort on my behalf. My Kegel muscles were already taking off their sweat bands and relaxing back, content in the knowledge that there would be no strenuous ‘work-out’ today.

When you move, the inner ball really does knock around and this feels great. I found myself suddenly eager to be active! In fact on my first test run I took the dog for a walk over the fields, as the more you move the more the ball moves, and it was a deliciously odd sensation, rhythmic whirring of the ball when you could get it into motion, and strong knocking when you moved around sharply.

This toner ball is not going to improve your Kegels by forcing you to clench the ball to stop it dropping, its just too big and light, but it did help me to understand which muscles to clench. Whilst it feels comfortable when in, thanks to the jiggly inner ball, you don’t forget it’s there, so you are constantly reminded to do your normal Kegel clenches.

Taking this out was a lot harder than getting it in, maybe it was all the clenched muscles? My advice is to squat and push down with your muscles whilst gently pulling the cord. I was a little paranoid about the silicone cord snapping! And it has stretched noticeably over the year now.

Now onto the double Kegel balls, they were a real pain-in-the-vagina toP1010450 put in, mostly because they are attached, so
one was sort of half in when you’re trying to put the next one in. Having two of the balls inside of you certainly makes you feel full, unfortunately its in that super un-comfortable poking my cervix kinda way, likely because my vaginal canal is quite short and I’m not mega aroused upon insertion. Having double the jiggly knocking fun was a good bonus though!

My main irk with these balls are the cleaning issues. Whilst in essence a silicone and plastic toy should be relatively non-porous and simple to clean, the ‘wacky’ design of the silicone having a large round cut out to expose the pink inner plastic ball is a disaster for cleanliness. There’s enough of a crevice between the silicone and the plastic for juices to collect and the only way I can see to clean this part properly would be a toothbrush (Preferably one specifically for cleaning and not your daily one!)

These Kegel balls are not a ‘work-out’ for my muscles, However I’d love to wear them to the gym to make exercising the rest of me a whole shed load more fun. Failing that I’m buying a trampoline. I have never and likely will never orgasm with these, but I do get highly aroused and wet, and just find them a great distraction for day to day housework. I would absolutely recommend trying the smaller one of the set (they are also sold separately) and avoid the double one unless you have a very long vaginal canal.


Theses Kegel balls can be found at Lovehoney, the set is £31.98 and the single (Which I recommend) is £12.99

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