Fun Factory Bouncer Dildo Review 6.5/10

I’m always excited to try something different, and the Fun Factory Bouncer certainly offers that. I’ve tried toys with similar jiggling internal balls but never inside a dildo before. The Bouncer promises to be very multi-functional; its harness compatible, anal safe and sticks to flat surfaces for hands-free fun. I thought long and hard before purchasing as it is very expensive for a dildo and I couldn’t help but wonder if the sensation of free-roaming balls would ever be comparable to a motor and vibrations.


The Bouncer arrived nicely packaged, with a well-designed box and inner sleeve, and an almost criminal lack of storage bag, since the silicone is matte and attracts dust like no other toy I own. If I run it up and down just away centimetres from my arm I can feel the hairs reach out to the toy. So you can imagine how furry this thing gets in a feline occupied house.

The Bouncer stands tall with 7.5 inches of length, its body has three bulges which house the free roaming balls. The toy certainly borders on being girthy, especially at each bulge. I wouldn’t recommend it as a ‘first’ dildo but it certainly hasn’t sized its way out of being ‘manageable’ for most vaginas.


I gave the bouncer a shake in my hand I could certainly feel (and hear) the balls move, the sensation was different, you could feel the internal balls knocking against the confines of the dildo, but I couldn’t get them to really swirl around like I can with my Tracey cox Kegel balls. It seems like they don’t have much room at all so they stop moving very suddenly after you cease shaking the dildo.

When it came to insertion I added lots of lube to the dildo and in hindsight it wasn’t enough. SLATHER THIS BITCH UP. The last thing you want is the draggy sensation of matte silicone in your orifices. Trust me. Lots of luuuuube. The size was, as I suspected, manageable whilst still feeling quite girthy. I managed to insert two of the three undulations but the third would have meant taking more dildo than I had vagina.

I like the shape, style and curve of this dildo, but I don’t LOVE it. Free roaming balls aside, the dildo really isn’t a pleasure seeking missile. To get the most out of this dildo you have to thrust, short and sharp thrusts seem to jiggle the balls best. If you aren’t ‘provoking’ the bouncer then like every other dildo, it sits there and does nothing, if you want to feel that sensation, you HAVE to thrust and with each thrust the dildo will wave its hand in the air and say “Hey, can you feel that?” as its rolling inner balls do their odd knocking thing.

My vagina isn’t sold on this sensation and neither am I. To be honest with you I actually stopped mid masturbation to write a few words on a notepad, and those words were “More novelty than pleasurable.” Because whilst the sensation is quite strong, (if you can be bothered to keep up the thrusting) it doesn’t actually translate to my vagina as something that feels particularly pleasurable. Just like a pair of jiggly Kegel balls will never make me orgasm, it seems neither will the Bouncer.P1010528

The suction cup is an odd one, it doesn’t LOOK like it has one, but ram it against your wall and it will sit there, for a while. It holds up far better on really smooth horizontal surfaces but when stuck to something vertical the weight of the Bouncer soon causes the suction to fail. I’ve managed to ride it against a tiled bathroom wall, but found that the balls don’t really jiggle like that. You’d have to fuck it like you were trying to hold and shake a maraca using your vagina. Which personally isn’t how I fuck.

I did dance around with this in my strap on panties and it sits quite sturdily, far better than I had though the oddly designed base would allow for, but when I turned to my other half with a wicked grin and a raised eyebrow I got a swift “Nope, no way in hell.” So despite the flared base and the wicked strap on potential this dildo is probably only for the more advanced anal users.

So I was all set out to give the Bouncer a fairly meh review, but on giving it one last chance before I finished typing up its obituary, ready to send it to my dildo graveyard, it threw a curve ball I was not expecting. I decided to play with it AFTER playing with another toy and having had a few orgasms, both clitoral and vaginal. I inserted the Bouncer, shook, thrusted and jiggled it, within about two minutes and without much warning, I SQUIRTED… EVERYWHERE. I’ve struggled for two years to make squirting anything other than an occasional and hugely hard to achieve experience, and now suddenly this not-that-intensely-curved dildo is regularly doing what only heavily-curved metal could do before. AND I REALLY LOVE IT FOR THAT!

The sad fact is that I still haven’t orgasmed vaginally whilst using this dildo, maybe my vagina is too busy being hella confused by the odd knocking feeling but I’ve given it plenty of time (Two months to be exact) to adjust to a new sensation. Having said that, I have only conquered two out of the three bulges, so maybe that third jiggle ball is where the magic happens? Who knows? This dildo certainly still has a place in my toybox, its undulations make my vaginal opening very happy, and its size and curve seem to have leveled-up my squirting ability. I love that you get that ‘extra’ sensation that other dildos can’t offer, all without charging cables or batteries but I think I’ll always have mixed feelings about the Fun Factory Bouncer.


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