Echo Explores Anal. PART 1 – Getting over an anal aversion.

I was a fuckwad as a teenager and I vehemently HATED the idea of anal sex. I think in part it stemmed from my weak stomach over anything remotely ‘icky’ but I was also pig-headed and soaked up a lot of common misconceptions. I could often be found spouting off ignorant and dismissive comments like “That’s an exit hole not an entrance hole.” and “I’m not stretching my anus – I don’t want to end up shitting all over the place.”

Well it’s safe to say I’ve grown up a lot since then but up until very recently anal has still held zero appeal for me. I have now started a relationship with someone I feel superbly compatible, comfortable and therefor adventurous with. My feelings surrounding anal have changed from disgust to indifference and from indifference to intrigue.

One fateful 69 later and I found myself with Chris’s balls in my mouth, staring at his neatly shaven and perfectly clean bum hole. I was spellbound… (I jest) but seriously I couldn’t help but wonder if it was so tidy because he was inviting me back there. So I removed his balls from my mouth – Artfully of course, and started to kiss and lick his perineum. I gauged his reaction and spurred on by his ridiculously hawt moans, my tongue got ever closer to an area that my three-years-ago-self would have fainted at the mere mention of. And that’s pretty much the story of how I gave my first rim job and FUCKING LOVED IT.

Since then my boyfriend has kindly allowed me free reign over his butthole and for almost a year I have lived vicariously through him. Curiously inserting fingers, buying toys, even receiving review toys that all inevitably ended up in HIS bum. It’s been a huge learning curve for both of us but it’s been so nice to have those ‘firsts’ together as a couple.

My curiosity has grown tenfold, when I watch him writhe and moan and quiver I can’t help but wish I could switch places with him. I want to feel what he feels. I want to buy cute jewelled butt plugs and then wave my cute bejewelled butt at him. I want to play with anal beads and feel that distinct ‘pop’, I want to buy little Tantus dildos, try anal sex and maybe even double-penetration.

Unfortunately I have an arsey arse. After some trauma from an EX who thought mid-sex he could just switch holes and everything would be wonderful and nobody would skip a beat whilst he fucked me in the ass instead of the pre-agreed hole that is my vagina. A few long minutes of relentless pushing on his behalf (and many disgruntled swear words on mine) later and I was left angry and in pain, whilst he made out it was all “Just a joke babe!” A later doctor’s visit confirmed I had an anal tear. I suffered countless problems for a year following the incident and didn’t tell a soul.

Fortunately my problems have healed, but they’ve certainly left their mark, I brought myself a teeny butt plug but no matter how much lube I slathered on it my arse didn’t want to know. Another attempt left me bleeding as I re-tore part of the original injury. I’ve obsessed over weather I’ll ever get to feel my current boyfriends cock in my ass or if I should just give up on the whole idea forever.

I want so badly to explore this part of me, I’m curious by nature and I know that leaving this stone unturned will bug me till I’m 90 and the only action I’ve seen is the occasional enema. As always though I spoke to Chris about my issues, letting him know my desires and my concerns. A few months later, after an hour-long-finger-a-thon in which I was a totally relaxed, blissed out, orgasm-weak mess I brought it up again. Always eager to help he whispered a promise to be careful, and his fingers trailed off in search of a new playground.

Theres certainly something about butt stuff that is way WAY more intense than I could ever have imagined. For now the line between pleasure and OH GOD IT FEELS LIKE I’M SHITTING BACKARDS is a blurry one but I’m hoping that will change in time. I’ve also still not managed to insert any of the tiny plugs I have now amassed. I’m determined though, I know that they key to this is to RELAX, TAKE IT SLOWLY AND USE A FUCK-TON OF LUBE. Soon I’ll have conquered my first sex toy anally and one day I’ll conquer Chris’s gargantuan cock too. Expect many proud-face tweets when it happens.

3 thoughts on “Echo Explores Anal. PART 1 – Getting over an anal aversion.

  1. Joe M

    I’m really glad you’re getting the chance to at least start out exploring anal! It’s always been a huge turn on for me, both receiving and giving. I get so frustrated with hearing stories about guys like that who think they will be able to just shove it in no problem with no prep, no warning, and just keep going. It makes it tough to bring it up to a girl because a lot that I have talked to have the assumption that it is either dirty and shouldn’t be touched or assume I just want to shove my dick in it which is in no way the case. I’m sorry about your first experience and I wish you luck in your adventures!

  2. Michelle Evans

    I’ve rarely ventured into receiving anal play over the years as I’ve rarely felt the craving for it, then when I did crave it I had the worry of hygiene (not an issue I wanted coming up with a no strings type play partner)

    – Then this year I started seeing someone who has alot of anal experience (giving and taking).
    He can take some pretty large toys and fisting him was a first for me. I thought that chances were he’d remain the only one in the relationship receiving anal but his experience, patience and gentle approach to it has recently given me a few anal experiences that proved more intense and satisfying than any of the other activities we enjoy.

    A huge part of it for me was mental~ knowing that he wasn’t pushing for it and instead having him wait and see if that rare mood strikes me.

    It’s helps to know that your partner knows exactly what bum play feels like too

    1. Echo Post author

      Oh yes I’m a firm believer that pressure has no place in the bedroom, Chris has never once pressured me to try it and it’s helped me develop an interest at a pace that suits me.

      And yes, 100% so much easier to talk about and explore with someone who knows exactly how it feels and knows that accidents do happen!

      I’m glad you’ve found someone who makes you feel safe to explore. I know for me it’s changed my life finding someone who is sexually open but never ever ‘pushy’. 🙂


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