Lelo Loki Prostate Massager Review 7/10


I have uneasy feels about Lelo as a company but I can’t deny that in the past they’ve created some of the best, high quality, body safe sex toys. Granted these days they are too busy making tuxedos for dicks (no literally) and producing 24 carat gold sex toys costing anywhere up to £10,000 (that’s not a typo, I didn’t accidentally add extra zeros, their Lelo ‘Inez’ really IS ten grand).

It’s undeniable that people love and rave about their favourite Lelo products. So when I got the opportunity to try the Loki and Hugo, and review them for Meo (rather than having to work with Lelo directly) I snatched them up.  I’ve lusted after a Mona 2 for myself for so long that I wasn’t going to deny Sam the opportunity to own a butt safe version of it.


I fucking love everything about the design, the colour, the shape, the artistic anal-safe flare, the button placement and layout. The Loki gets it SO RIGHT, it’s sleek but not ‘fancy’, it’s blue but doesn’t feel aggressively ‘gendered’, it’s everything I could have asked for in a sex toy.

The silicone is silky smooth to the touch and the plastic doesn’t feel cheap or ‘coated’. There are slightly visible seems on the shaft but they cannot be felt when you run your finger over them – which I feel is especially important for a butt toy since bum holes tend to be super sensitive to the teeniest scratchy sensations!


There are four buttons pressed into the plastic handle, a (+) which turns the toy on and increases the vibrations, either by pressing once for each increment or holding down to quick-scroll to higher strengths. The (-) button will take the vibrations back down and once at the lowest will turn the Loki off – this does mean the higher you were on the vibrations settings the longer it will take to switch off when you hold the minus (about four seconds). There are ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows to scroll through the patterns (all 6 of them). If you are a fan of patterns you can fully customise your vibrations, having the pattern you want at the strength you like (rather than at a pre-set strength like on most other toys).

The Loki is fairly easy to insert because of its tapered tip and solid shaft, it is however quite wide and would certainly pose a challenge in girth for someone newer to anal play. It would not fit in my ass for instance, which I am slightly gutted about. I recommend a generous helping of WATER-based lubricant – between the lubrication and the ergonomic shape the Loki slips into Sam very smoothly.

When I ask Sam how it feels inserted he always comes back the word “comfortable”. For him the size is enough to satisfy, the thin neck lets him relax more and the shaft points more or less exactly where it’s needed. He finds it lends itself quite well to thrusting, as long as he sticks to shallow thrusts.

His favourite way to experience the Loki is when I hold the handle and use a slight twisting motion so the tip rubs side to side across his prostate. Learning the position of the buttons was tricky at first but once he’d got used to it using the Loki solo became easy despite him not being able to see the controls whilst it’s inserted.

The vibrations sit on the fence between rumbly and buzzy, and seem to jump slightly either way on certain patterns. I do feel it gets way too buzzy on the highest settings but the vibrations are no doubt very strong. For him they are certainly enough to be pleasurable and even at times overwhelming.

The simply fantastic shape of the Loki allows it to stay put inside him even when we aren’t holding it. The slim neck and reliable flare mean we don’t need to worry about his ass swallowing it whole and can leave our hands free for better things! We have even managed to very successfully fuck with this still inside him like a butt plug. Having a handle protruding from his ass does make some positions moot but mostly sex whilst he’s wearing this is frankly mind-blowing. Unfortunately, the Loki does have a habit of sometimes turning around (so the shaft points away from the prostate) which can only be avoided if you hold onto it.

Cleaning the Loki is a dream, it’s 100% waterproof so you don’t have to be careful about it you can just dunk it in and give it a good lather with soap before rinsing it off thoroughly under a warm tap.

The Loki is a prime example of what Lelo used to be, it’s the kind of product people loved them for making – well designed, functional, body safe. Whilst I will never buy products directly from Lelo and cannot see myself ever supporting or advocating any of their products made post 2016, I am happy to recommend the Loki based on its own merit. It’s a great anal-safe toy that could only really be improved  by rumblier vibrations.

You can buy the Lelo Loki at MEO for 159,00 € (roughly £135 or $169).

**Loki was sent to me for review by MEO. Not all of the products on the MEO site are body-safe and I feel duty-bound to remind you to only buy products (intended for internal use) that are made of body-safe materials (silicone, glass, metal) and have flared bases if the intention is to use them anally. **

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