MEO Combination Lock Collar 10/10


Let me just start off this review by saying, yeaaaaaah, I have a kink for metal now. I just love the sense of permanence it has and it’s made me obsessed with the idea of other metal bondage items. So thanks to the MEO combination lock collar I’ll probably be skint for the rest of my life. Skint but always in a state of kink-satisfied bliss.

This super cooooooold to the touch collar is perfectly round and made with beautifully smooth and imperfection free steel. It has a simple, flush hinge that sits opposite its four-digit combination lock. The unlocking digits come on a little red tag. I’ve always found combination locks a bit fiddly when trying to move the components and this one is no exception but it’s not particularly stiff and doesn’t make me want to throw it at a wall. Win?


Don’t be a jackass like me and completely ignore the measurements. I just picked medium because I assumed the small would be well just that – too small for his neck. Judging by this one, that would not have been the case. So basically this one IS too big for us but that is 100% my own damn-stupid-fault. I would take some proper measurements of the neck its destined to lock and make sure you have a little leeway room (at least an inch) because you do not want an inflexible metal collar to be a ‘snug’ fit on someone’s neck.

When this is around my partner’s neck I’m one happy, in control, Dominant. There’s no way out of it for him without my say so because I alone know the code. I thoroughly recommend sending yourself an email/text so you have the code to hand if you ever forget it or keeping the little red tag with the code on somewhere safe, cos quite frankly if you end up having to take your sub to the emergency room or fire station to have it cut off they probably won’t trust you again!

Granted the collar is not particularly convenient for a sub, as its completely inflexible but thats almost the point for me as a partial sadist. It is at the very least mostly-comfortable and unlikely to cause any chaffing and you still get to see that look of shock and cringe when you put the prettttttty cold metal around their bare neck. It does warm up nicely to body temperature within a few minutes if temperature play isn’t your thing!

Whilst this collar doesn’t have a D ring or O ring to attach clips to, theres no reason why you couldn’t clip straight onto the collar itself (provided the clip accommodates the width of the collar.  We use our own steel bondage clips to attach his cuffs to the collar when we want him very secure and prone.

I’ve never considered bondage implement’s themselves to be sexy or arousing (only ever the intent behind them) before owning this. But now I see this shiny ring of metal lying on the bed and I want to hold it, stroke it and find the nearest lockable neck to encase with it.

I really love the simple, solid design of this collar. Having a combination code rather than a padlock is better for someone like me who hates faffing with keys and has lost nearly every set I’ve ever owned. I’m so enamoured with the collar that when I’m not saving desperately for my own house (CoughFUCKPADCOUGHCOUGH) I’ll probably buy the smaller size so we can achieve a better fit. I can’t fault it, it does exactly what its meant to and looks great doing it. It’s a 10/10 for me!

You can buy the MEO Combination Lock Collar for 89,00 € (roughly £75 or $60).

**This item was sent to me for review by MEO. Not all of the products on the MEO site are body-safe and I feel duty-bound to remind you to only buy products (intended for internal use) that are made of body-safe materials and have flared bases if the intention is to use them anally. **

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