Tantus Cush Review 8/10


I’ve pined after the Tantus Cush for what feels like forever. Everything about it seemed promising -the girth would be a slight (but much longed for) increase for me and the dual density core was sure to help provide a comfortable transition. Pair all that with a ridge that I was certain would undulate right at my vaginal opening plus a beautiful blue-fade colour scheme and I was sold on the Tantus Cush before I ever set my eyes on it.

You might be thinking blue-fade? This dildos pink you idiot! and you’d be absolutely right. I made the mother of all errors and just assumed they’d send me a blue one. Because the whole world knows I hate pink, right? Wrong! I tried so hard not to be sad about it, pulling it out of the packaging with lackluster enthusiasm. As picky as it may sound, this put the Cush on the back foot, it had to deliver some serious sensation to have any hope of me loving it.

That said aesthetically, the Cush is pretty cool – the colour and fade on mine gives it this cute marshmallow-y style, and I love the phallic surrealism. Yes, I just said that, come at me.  With a length of 7.25” and a 6” circumference around the widest point the Tantus Cush is now my girthiest dildo. I always have to use something smaller internally first, and even with that warm up initial penetration with the Cush pushes the boundaries of what’s comfortable.

For a dual-density dildo the Cush is sadly lacking in squish. I mean sure that outer layer is squishy (especially the head) when compared to other Tantus dildos BUT if you compared this to say Vixen silicone, it’s just not got the same squish-factor at all. If I clench the Cush in my palm it feels just as solid as any other silicone dildo. Which kinda makes me sad.

So how does it actually feel when I stick it inside me? Pretty damn good I have to say. It’s certainly no G-spot seeking missile or texture lovers bliss. Its big, its obvious and its cumbersome, yet it has its own kind of subtlety too. With its straight shaft and pronounced but not dramatically ridged head, it provides a constant and broad g-spot pressure. The kind which a smaller toy would never have been able to achieve.

To be honest I think I’d love the Cush MORE if it had been cast completely in softer silicone.  I struggle to see the benefit of dual density in a dildo that’s not curved. Plus a little more squish would have given me a bit of maneuverability which as it stands I don’t have with the Cush – I honestly can’t thrust it, there’s no wiggle room.

The Cush fills a gap in my collection, by filling me. Yeah, not sorry! This dildo is a stretch for my vagina but the not-overly-fussy design makes it a lot easier to cope with the girth. Everything about the subtle stretch and full feeling makes me weak at the knees. The Cush is all encompassing, palpable, obvious and simply delicious. Clenching around something this big feels amazing. I might not be able to thrust it but I can tap the base or jiggle it, and even that can translate directly to my G-spot as the Cush pushes on everything. 

Each orgasm I achieve with the Cush is better and stronger than every orgasm that came before it. I do use a clit vibe to reach the orgasm but that’s completely normal for me. Its suuuuuuper rare for me to orgasm without either the Tango or Satisfyer on my clit, and anything that can make an orgasm with a Tango BETTER deserves high fucking praise.

My only tiny qualm is that I just can’t take enough of the Cush to get that ridge on the shaft inserted. It sits almost at my entrance, like a cat who wants to come in but also wants you to continue holding the door open for the rest of eternity. The ridge is 4.5” down the shaft and  whilst I can normally take 5.5” inches (and somehow 7” when its my partners dick – because my vagina becomes a tardis) I guess that the overall volume of the Cush just doesn’t give me room for that extra inch I’d usually be able to take.  *crying emoji’s forever*

It’s big, its cumbersome and it’s not as cushy as I had been led to believe. Yet, what’s that? My vagina craves the Cush? Hell yeah it does! When I’m feeling blissed out and lazy, when I want a strong orgasm with minimal effort, it’s ALWAYS the Cush that I reach for. Once it’s inside, I can pretty much just leave it there and carry on with clit stim, leading to some seriously powerful climaxes as I clench around it.

But I guess the biggest testimony to the Cush’s success is that I don’t even hate it for being pink.

Buy the Cush here at Tantus for $84.06!

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