Echo’s Lust List – My Ultimate Sex Toy Desires

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So yeah, this is basically a torturous list of things I want but can’t afford, woe is me… grumble grumble. 


  • All the Fun Factory Battery-Rechargable models – Because they look mad-interesting and I love the concept!

  • Fucking Sculptures Corkscrew – Oh god, it’s like the holy grail of beautiful dildos!

  • Escroliator – Because my clit is worth it. *UPDATE ITS HERE! Review to come but not before I do!*

  • Vixen Maverick – I Love my Mustang and this looks equally if not more awesome.


  • Jopen Comet – I just wanna feel it, I think my g-spot will dig it.

  • We-vibe Touch – “T-t-t-t-t-t-touch me, I wannnna feel dirty!”

  • Tantus Thwack/Whambam/Pelt/Plunge – Because I want to try silicone paddles and I can’t decide which.