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Writing about boring stuff like policies is dull, but having my rights as a blogger fucked with is worse! Here’s a helpful overview of my policies for people looking to work with me and benefit from my site traffic.

I reserve the right to amend/remove/add policies as I see fit.


If you would like to send a product for review at Echo Explores please contact me via email. This is a free service but I do reserve the right to turn you down if you do not have an affiliate program  that benefits bloggers (if in doubt get in touch!). We put a lot of work in to testing/reviewing and deserve some recompense – dildos don’t pay the bills!

I ONLY accept body-safe toys for review (silicone, glass, metal and maybe wood). Any items sent for review without prior agreement via email will be reviewed at my discretion – Either not at all or in a time frame of my choosing. If you send a product made of unsafe materials I reserve the right to either throw it straight in the bin or write a scathing review on it.

I will judge any product that comes my way on its own merits, my opinions are honest, unbiased and will ALWAYS be my own. My language and writing style is not up for discussion, it is part of who I am and it’s what my readers expect. I cannot ever guarantee a positive review, my readers deserve better than that – they deserve the truth.

Products sent for review will generally take three to four weeks (from receiving the item) to appear on the site but will occasionally be longer if the product warrants a lot of uses (Kegel systems) or my schedule is busy (I will let you know this before the item is sent). If you need a quick turn around on a product this needs to be discussed prior to the item being sent – 14 days is the shortest turn around I may offer, anything less than that does not give me time to get to know the product.


Advertising and sponsorship

Advertising slots are coming soon, if you would like one now I will offer an early bird scheme, so get in touch before the prices become non-negotiable!

Sponsorship deals are also on their way, they will include a promotional package and a large advert space. If you email me I will let you know when these become available. The number of spaces will be very limited and I will be considering very carefully who I want to work this closely with. I want this to be a very mutually beneficial partnership so I’d like to be as passionate about the company/manufacturer as possible.



All content on Echo Explores belongs to this site. Whilst I appreciate people sharing my work please do so using the social media share buttons at the end of each post. If you would like to post excerpts of my writing elsewhere use a paragraph (maximum of 150 words) and provide link backs to my site/the original post.

Copying my content without my permission is a breach of copyright. I reserve the right to contact your hosting companies to have any content copied directly from my site removed and potentially have your site suspended.

If in doubt just email me, I’m more than happy to help work out a compromise with people that will appropriately compensate me for the time and effort that goes into my writing. Remember duplicate content does not benefit your site in the long run and will damage its google rating.